the nureyev legacy collection; nureyev: as you have never seen him before; from the archives of the new york public library for the performing arts; a rare opportunity to own historically significant ballet photographs, personally selected by rudolf nureyev
about the nureyev legacy project
when rudolf nureyev danced, “he commanded vast admiration," wrote clement crisp. "he warmed the stage, the audience, his fellow dancers, the art of ballet itself, and this was his genius." but for a man who was such a celebrated dancer, relatively few photographs and personal recollections of nureyev and his art exist.
fortunately, in the summer of 1978, photographer roger urban was granted unparalleled access as nureyev toured the united states with the dutch national ballet. remembering that time, nureyev recalled, "i was still delectable; the public was quite for me; i felt i could present anything."

after nearly three decades, this previously unpublished treasure trove is finally being released to the public. it includes nureyev's personal selections of in-performance and behind-the-scenes photographs as well as writings, interviews, audio recordings, and original set and costume drawings from his performances.

the purpose of the nureyev legacy project is to celebrate rudolf nureyev's life and work, to preserve his memory for future generations, and to share this incomparable collection of historically, artistically, and personally significant photographs, writings, and other materials with the wide audience that a figure such as nureyev demands and deserves.
photographer roger urban
roger urban
roger urban is a photographer, author and ardent fan of ballet. a graduate of dartmouth college, mr. urban also earned an mba from stanford university. following business school, he taught mathematics and conducted research in international finance at mathematics and conducted research in international finance at the management development institute (imd) in lausanne, switzerland. as founder of urban wallace associates, he has served as an advisor to more than 150 companies in north america and europe. his three-decade friendship with rudi van dantzig has been a source of inspiration and great satisfaction.
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